One Stop For Academic Transcription

You have often heard dear ones say they wished they had 48 instead of 24 hours a day? While that is a wish that may remain unfulfilled in this lifetime, there sure are some who can organise themselves better and well within the 24-hour cycle, provided they know the big ‘How’.

Likewise, researchers, lecturers, professors and post-doctoral research students and candidates from universities or even those pursuing academic studies tend to spend a sizeable amount of time writing research projects and analysing content. It could be particularly time-consuming and exacting if you are researching, but then, is there a way out? What do you do to make things simpler, easier? For those of you involved in research projects, it may be time consuming to transcribe interviews or group discussions. That apart, transcription is an art that requires a subtle blend of linguistic and technical skills. So then, how do you move forward?

Special Training

With us, you get transcriptionists who are trained to listen and capture the content of the interview besides focussing on group recordings using our intelligent process and past researched terminologies to produce the result of fast, accurate and detailed transcripts that are fit for your research purposes.

Reliable and Trustworthy

Native Transcription is a preferred transcription provider to various universities, professors, as also Post-doctoral Research students. We provide reliable, trust worthy, confidential as well as affordable academic transcription services that are easy on your pocket; what more, we also guarantee on accuracy and assurance of following timelines.

IRB Approval in Place

Postdoctoral research students also do not need to worry about getting the IRB approval for using our transcription services since we usually sign the Non-Disclosure Agreement to meet the Institutional Review Board guidelines.


Quality Above All

By engaging quality transcription service, you would be able to devote more time, energy and focus on the research and on writing the dissertation/thesis. Using our professional transcription service will help achieve your goal sooner than you had imagined and, of course, more efficiently as well.

Native Transcription provides the following Academic/University transcriptions and typing services:

Interview Transcription:

Student or researcher, recruiter or author, student or businessman, you could be any of these but are you worried about saving time by getting your interview transcribed and then disappointed because it was done shabbily? That’s where we come in to the picture. Ensure your transcripts are clear and accurate, without you having to bother or question their authenticity. You ask, we deliver. Word by word. To get good quality transcripts, however, you need to look into a few aspects...

  1. Use high quality digital recording devices that record varied voice modulations, sharpness and volume of speech.
  2. Avoid cross talks, sounds or loud noises in the background.
  3. Use a wireless microphone for a speaker who chooses to move and walk around the lecture/conference room.
  4. Remember to speak out names, designations and company people represent so as to avoid goof-ups or mixing up of basic facts. Alternatively, even better if they introduce themselves and their area of work/company/organisation at the beginning of the talk/session.
  5. Be careful when using equipments for recording large groups; in case you use an individual-specific recording equipment, you will lose out on important conversations ideal for a good transcription.

Focus Group Transcription:

This sounds tricky because you have many voices out there and you need to keep track of who is speaking what and when! That’s where our expert team steps in. Quantitative and qualitiative research studies for students, researchers, scientists and doctorate students, too, gets easier with focus group transcription. Whatever be the nature of talks, confidential or an open discussion, we promise to give you your words. As is.

Dissertation/Thesis Transcription:

Working on a dissertation is no joke. It is perhaps your most invaluable piece of work and you are bound to treasure it for a lifetime. However, your journey to having your dissertation ready and in place might just get easier if you have an accurate transcription from the best in the business. Pick us to be your thesis mate! And while you’re journeying with us, students, get good deals on transcription services made especially easy and accessible to you.

Academic/University Research Transcription:

Who’s interested in taking down long notes when you have good transcriptions made available to you? So, as a teacher if you wish to help your students write accurate reports, and for yourself to be understood well, our transcription services will help you remarkably well. As a student, a teacher, a researcher or one working for non-profit organisations, you have an edge over others in coming to us. Get in touch to know how.

Lecture and Seminar Transcription:

Worried about having missed out on a class? Concerned because you had to forgo an important lecture? Transcription of lectures allows you to go through parts of a lecture as also the whole. Besides, you don’t have to worry about ‘remembering everything’ you heard or ‘forgetting something’ that was either of some relevance or great importance. In case you are on a tight schedule and have missed a lecture you wanted to attend, a transcript will allow you to go through the class without being in the classroom. Looking for a high quality transcript now? We’re right here... what more, students and university associates get good discounts as well.

Oral History Transcription:

Referring to the written word is indeed more accessible and comfortable than browsing through old videos and interviews. Transcribing oral history in an age where digital consumption is akin to breathing will help in emphasis and elaboration of the right context. We convert oral history recordings into the written word format so you can access it exactly in the manner it was spoken minus the gestures and expressions. Use it for community and museum displays, academic research or even for television and film scriptwriting research. Your search for good research ends here.

Training Audio/Video Transcription:

Looking to voiceover a script? We do audio transcription to help you subtitle your short film/documentary or any other related project. Whatever be the language, we will create an audio transcription as a time-coded document. You could use it to highlight or refer it in your video edit. Be it translation services, subtitling or voiceover recording, we do it all.

Conferences Transcription:

We offer quick and reliable audio transcription services for important interviews, meetings and conferences. Done accurately and confidentially, our team of specialists will get on job to get it right for you. Attended a lecture at a conference that you enjoyed and would like to recall at a later date? Perhaps share it with your team and colleagues and let them be part of what they physically missed out being present for? Conference transcription allows you to be part of sessions where great speeches were made but those you unfortunately missed out on. Here, we bring it on for you.

Verbatim / Clean Verbatim / Intelligent Verbatim Transcription:

Think you would like to know and hear something exactly as it was spoken, with sounds and non-verbal communication intact? We could provide you exactly this. With absolutely no editing involved, verbatim transcription gives you an idea of knowing exactly how something was spoken. It could be useful for journalists and investigating officers as also for those pursuing their PhDs. Be it loud laughter or a longish pause in speech, we present you through our transcription a picture of exactly how the talk/interview/dialogue was.