1. What is your money-back policy for Normal & Rush orders?
  2. How do you price your transcription order?
  3. Can I check a sample transcript?
  4. Describe how delivery time is affected?
  5. What is the format of a completed transcript?
  6. What is the comments box for in the Quick Enquiry form?
  7. Does the number of speakers influence document quality?
  8. Does AVD Transcription Service refuse any audio quality?
  9. Can you explain difficult or poor audio quality?
  10. What is AVD Transcription Service' standard documentation style?
  11. Does AVD Transcription Service produce verbatim transcripts?
  12. How do you insert timestamps?
  13. What file types does AVD Transcription Service accept?
  14. Would you transcribe onscreen content in video?
  15. Does AVD Transcription Service offer document summaries?
  16. Do you accept links to download from third-party file sites?
  17. Do you offer FTP space?
  18. How would AVD Transcription Service notify me?
  19. What types of payment does AVD Transcription Service accept?
  20. Are you hiring?
  21. What are your customer support hours?
  22. What is AVD Transcription Service’s refund policy?
  23. What is AVD Transcription Service’s policy on confidentiality?
  24. Can I move my order from Normal to Rush or Super Rush to speed up?
  25. Can I add timestamps, tables, charts, or any special formatting later?
  26. What languages does AVD Transcription Service transcribe?
  27. Does AVD Transcription Service include or skip the promos, ads and songs in the audio/video recording?