Financial Earnings Transcription

Precision is an absolute necessity when there are shares of public corporations involved. Publically traded companies are in the hands of their shareholders and need to be open about their investments as well as their earnings. They achieve this objective by holding a Financial Earnings Call at a regular interval of time, which is usually set up quarterly.

This teleconference call or a webcast is attended by investors and all the leading shareholders of the company. This event is the carrier of valuable information such as the earnings, next term investors, current market value, plans for the coming quarter, etc. However, this conference call is a temporary carrier of the information and there is a dire need of it later. We, Native English Transcription Services take care of that later part!

As our headline reads, Native English Transcription Services know the value of decimals, which is of immense significance in Earnings conference calls. For instance, what if the investors heard 5.59% loss as 55.5% loss during the call? Yes, you can always clear that up, but that may not be better than the accuracy of a transcript. Our transcription service will discard even the minimal chances of errors by delivering a perfectly written Financial Earnings Transcript for you.

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By choosing Native Transcription Services, you choose…

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  1. A trusting partner that will never disappoint you in delivering meticulous results.
  2. A team of professional transcript writers, just a click away. We have hired the best heads with unwavering sense of judgement. Even though we think that there is no match for our writers, we don’t let that drive our heads. Rechecking until we get it right is a habit at Native.
  3. A reliable squad of transcriptionists that has a profound knowledge in finance. We know that a common transcript writer may not understand the terminology used in Financial Earnings conference which could become a drawback if we don’t have a crystal clear recording. Therefore we choose someone suitable from the team that knows the difference between a “bull trade” in stock exchange and trading of bulls.
  4. A working party that knows how important is time. Yes, just like you, we too are bound by the ticking machine and need to “close” a contract as soon as possible so that we can jump on the next one. You can expect your transcript within Time , or you can also request customized delivery timings.
  5. Unquestioning bunch of people who are just interested in giving you exemplary results. You can rely on us undoubtedly as confidentiality is one of the most strictly followed code.

  6. Our Financial Earnings Transcript will include…
  7. List of the attendees with names and designation including the operator, participants from the company and other participants such as analysts, investors, etc.
  8. The perfect time of the call conducted.
  9. Verbatim- the pauses taken by the speakers while talking. (we can mention if it is an extra service)
  10. An error free call details. Our writers will deliver you an error free transcript even if the speakers may have messed up the grammar.