Reality TV Show Transcription

Reality Television is a popular element of television shows today. The uniqueness of these shows lies in the fact that they are not enacted by professional actors and are basically unscripted. They feature the happenings of real people and not fictitious characters. Instead of a scripted play, viewers get to see the real life drama of the people in various life situations depending on the topic of the programs.

Reality TV shows occupy prime slots on major networks and have become successful in the United States and major countries across the globe. Shows like Duck Dynasty, Secret Millionaire, Undercover Boss, Network stuff and many other quiz shows and game shows fall under this category. Most of these programs are unscripted. Reality TV shows are gaining a wide audience and have largely contributed to the high ratings of various networks.

Reality TV production and editing, as a rule, work with strict deadlines to create a seamless project with maximum efficiency. Transcription services have been a popular choice of television companies for all their audio to text needs of reality TV shows. Due to the large amount of unscripted conversation and the noisy environment of reality TV shows, transcription of these shows is quite different from the normal video transcription. An accurate transcript is essential for any effective TV production project. It may also involve providing sub-titles and embedding captions in the reality TV shows.

With the increase in reality based TV programs, the scope for transcription services has also expanded in the markets globally. Media Transcription has emerged as an important field and Native English Transcription Service has risen to provide useful services to the industry. We have a vast professional experience in transcription services including transcription services for reality TV shows. Many media production houses use our services so that it leaves them with more time to focus on other creative aspects to enhance the ratings of their show. We have the necessary technology to deliver top quality services and our skilled annotators can provide accurate transcripts of reality TV Shows.

As responsible transcriptionists we make sense of the unstructured script delivered by the amateurs. We undertake the task of identifying the particular speaker in a show and convert his speech to text, as part of the post production requirements. We also provide additional descriptions if required to make the narrative more coherent.

The transcript includes the table of contents, cover page, index and time codes. Footage that is not structured will also be taken care of, including live interviews done on the move. Every utterance that is of relevance in these footages will be transcribed. So if you are looking for B roll footage, subtitles or captioning services and reliable transcripts of reality TV shows you can get them all at Native English Transcription Service.

What do you get from us?

Flexibility in pricing, use of latest software and technology, quality text conversion, trusted services and quick turnaround time. So the next time your reality show needs transcription, call on us and see the difference for yourself.