Webinar Transcription

Don't let your investments in organizing webinars go to waste! Make the most of the event by ensuring that the messages you delivered or by your guests and spokespersons do not fade away from your audiences' minds right after they walk away from their computers.

With the help of professional transcribers, the essential lessons and important information will remain in people's minds even if the event was held several weeks or months ago already.

Share Your Expertise through Webinars

Webinars come from the longer phrase "web-based seminars" but despite the name, it can be any online event where the speakers get to share information, usually in a structured format. At the same time, the audiences also have the chance to interact whether to share their reactions or ask valid questions. Aside from being a seminar, webinars can also be in a form of a presentation, a workshop or a lecture covering a variety of topics.

Alternatively, one can organize a webcast, which is essentially a live or delayed broadcast in video and/or audio form through the internet. Webcasts, however, do not have the interactive features that webinars have.

Holding webinars is a great way for companies, organizations and even industry experts to share their expertise to the public or a selected group of people. It's also a great way to establish one's authority as an expert of a certain field such as the case of financial advisors and marketing consultants. For organizations and businesses, holding these events is also a great way to subtly establish their brand image and boost brand retention by simply sharing valuable and/or practical information.

But organizing webinars require time and money to make the event happen. With all the preparations needed to ensure success and the promotional campaign launched to ensure a high audience count, you will need to make sure that the attendees are actually learning from the event so that your efforts won't be in vain.

The bad news is people typically have short attention span especially when they're attending a seminar or replaying a recorded webinar. It's not a guarantee that 100% of the information will be recalled by the attendees immediately.But there's a way for you to help your audiences (and even those who weren't able to attend) turn short-term information into long-term ones.

Discover the Importance of Webinar Transcription!

Webinar Transcription

The average speaking rate is around 170 words per minute, which means that there are approximately 10,200 words spoken in a usual one-hour webinar.

Through webinar transcription, these spoken words can turn into 25 pages of text in a standard letter-size document. That's around 10,200 written words that you can restructure, extract and/or divide into several chunks of digestible information for distribution to various channels such as blogs, social media, emailed newsletters and printed materials. In short, you can ensure that the lessons or information imparted during the webinar will remain fresh in the minds of your audiences even if it has been months since the event was held.

But transcribed content from your webinars don't just benefit the attendees; they can also be used to provide information to those who were not able to join the event by posting a series of blog posts, emails and even web-based slideshows that generally tackle what has been discussed. Aside from that, information about your webinar (and you as a great organizer) can spread to a wider audience because you provided web content that can be easily shared to like-minded individuals via online networks.

For you as the organizer or the speaker, written content posted on your website will boost your brand's online visibility especially when search engine optimization (SEO) techniques are implemented. While it's convenient for you to post the entire transcription on your page, it is still best if you divide the entire script into smaller chunks of information to accommodate people's naturally short attention span.

Discover the Importance of Webinar Transcription!

Webinar Transcription

While you can actually transcribe your webinars yourself, there are great benefits when you send your file to the professionals instead.

  1. Saves you time. When you're not used to transcribing, an hour-long event can take two hours or so to finish. That's at least two wasted hours on your part.
  2. Saves you the headache.Professional transcribers already have the experience to easily and conveniently identify what has actually been said in the webinar, and thus, reducing headache on your part and eliminating transcription errors as much as possible.

So choose the more cost-effective and hassle-free way of having written content of your webinars. Explore our Sample Transcripts to find out the quality output we can provide.